New this Year:


The Talent portion of the pageant is not mandatory. It is no longer a category of competition for the crown.  The Talent is now an optional internal contest for fun and entertainment only.  Your talent can show how athletic you are, how wonderful you sound, and how gifted you are, not only with beauty, but with brains. The optional talent competition is so much fun. This is your chance to release  your hidden talent that is uniquely yours alone.


  • Lip sync your favorite song

  • Sing your favorite song

  • Dance routine (i.e. ballroom, salsa etc.)

  • Recite a poem (spoken word)

  • Create a comedy skit

  • Create an interesting unique fashion look with a person or mannequin

  • Create a mini room decoration make over

  • Show a painting in the step by step phases to completion

  • Display your sewing talent by showing the step by step process of making something

  • Create an interesting hairstyle on a model

  • Freestyle Roller Skating. 

  • Monologue/Acting

  • Demonstrate how to pack a suitcase

  • Jump rope

  • Speed painting

  • Create a unique scrapbook page

  • Social Commentary

  • Beatboxing

  • Juggling

  • Demonstrate food cutting techniques

  • Demonstrate a beautiful table setting

  • Liturgical dance routine

  • Demonstrate your fitness routine


This is the time to be creative and to discover your hidden talent.   Remember it’s only 2 to 3 minutes.

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