These areas of competition have no effect on who wins the pageant. They are considered to be internal contest designed to enhance the experience of the journey to the Ms. Black Fit and Fine Pageant.

TALENT: The talent portion of the pageant is not mandatory. It is no longer a category of competition for the crown.  The Talent is now an optional internal contest for fun and entertainment. ONLY the contestants who choose to compete in the talent competition will perform at the pageant. Contestants perform a 2 -3 minute talent performance of their own choosing.


Talent could be singing, dancing, instrumental music, dramatic or comedy monologues etc.  We believe everyone has a hidden talent. Our staff is happy to consult with you to help you determine what yours is.  Call or e-mail us if you have questions about your talent presentation.

Scoring is based on stage presence, confidence, costume props, execution and creativity. The winner will receive recognition on stage and a great prize.

MOST ADS SOLD:  Winner receives recognition on stage and a cash prize. Each contestant is required to sell at least one page of ads.

MOST TICKETS SOLD: Winner receives recognition on stage and a cash prize. All contestants are required to sell a minimum of 10 tickets.


For more information on becoming a contestant contact us today!

Call 248 864-5657  Email: msblackfitandfine@gmail.com

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