Veronica Hood


Veronica Hood - Founder/Director

Pageant Philosophy

The Ms. Black Fit and Fine Beauty Pageant believes and advocates that quality of life has a great deal to do with your life choices.  Good healthy life choices help result in a better inner and outer person as we age. More than a "beauty pageant", The Ms. Black Fit and Fine Beauty Pageant is a reaffirmation of life over 50 and a journey to a better quality of life.

The Ms. Black Fit and Fine Beauty Pageant seeks African American women with dignity, maturity, inner beauty, and physical fitness who are age 50 and over. We want to encourage women to become and stay physically fit and socially active, to continue to thrive and be vibrant.

We feel a desire and a need to encourage, educate  and inspire women that may feel they are no longer valued in today’s society. The pageant is designed to motivate and encourage women to utilize their full potential  and to share a positive outlook on aging with others.

The  Pageant honors the achievements of African American women by giving them an opportunity to display their inner beauty, physical fitness, talents, and elegance.

and to serve as role models for others

The Ms. Black Fit and Fine Beauty Pageant is an organization that invites sponsors and volunteers to join our movement to help women embrace the positive aspects of aging.


Sponsors may include individuals, government agencies, private business, social and service organizations.

We recognize the importance of giving  back to the community.  A portion of our proceeds will be donated to support A Local Charity  TBD

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